TICN In The Press: July 1st, 2001

The Investment Club Network - your chance to delve into the stock market:"Donegal based company experiences rapid growth"
A Donegal-based company called The Investment Club Network is on a mission to establish an Investment Club in every town Ireland.

In one short year they have initiated 100 clubs and grown by 2,000 members and have established 25 investment clubs in Donegal.

But how has TICN grown so fast in a year in which the U.S. Nasdaq has dropped in value by 60%?

The reason that TICN is growing so fast is because of word of mouth recommendation from satisfied successful members to new potential members. Success breeds success and TICN club members that follow the proven system of stock selection have not only outperformed the market but have performed phenomenally well growing their portfolios on a consistent monthly basis.

TICN is the only company in the world that initiates clubs, teaches club members and supports the club members toward a five-year goal of 1 million.

TICN is quick to point out that they are not investment advisors in fact they are solely educators of a system that has proven to work through time. TICN would rather teach people to fish for companies to purchase for themselves and place great emphasis on empowering the individual club members to make decisions for themselves.

A TICN club comprises of 19 individuals who collectively invest 1,045 per month in the US stock market. The 20th member is a TICN associate who mentors the club.

The plan for the club members is that once they observe their club's portfolio of shares doing well it will give them the courage, the confidence and more importantly to the skills to invest successfully for themselves on line.

The method in which a club is formed is by a group of likeminded individuals coming together to attend an evening 'Money Talks' presentation.

Once the individual attendees like what they hear and see at a 'MoneyTalks' presentation and once they feel comfortable with what is on offer then a club is formed at the meeting.

The next "Money Talks' Presented by TICN will be in the Gartan Room, Holiday Inn, Lettterkenny on Monday 13th August at 8pm. To confirm your attendance contact Freephone: 1-800-367-693 or email: moneytalks@ticnireland.com