TICN In The Press: December 14, 2001

"Making Money is Child's Play with the Proper Know-How" by Willie Carey
I would personally recommend it to anyone who has even a passing interest in investing and suggest that if you do start trading that you walk before you run.

I stated many times that you should only invest moneys that you can afford to lose and not your food money.

I also want to emphasize that no matter what I have written on several occasions about the merits of investing in the stock market and the returns, which can be achieved over the long term.

The Hoy Grail is to find that select number of excellent companies to buy and hold and then sit back and wait for the stock to appreciate in value.

I have made reference to The Investment Club Network in my column previously and its mission statement reads as follows: "Creating a supportive environment of investment clubs and empowering individuals to become abundantly wealthy."

I was invited to attend one of their weekend seminars in Galway, which started on a Friday night and continued on Saturday and Sunday.

My first thought driving g my car to Galway was that I was tired after a long week and I had images of relaxing at home for the weekend.

The seminar was called "Making Money Child's Play" (MMCP) and being a bit of a skeptic I was attending with a lot of reservations that this was just another get rich quick scheme.

I arrived at the Hotel in picturesque Galway and began signing in for the seminar.

The first thing I noticed was the huge crowd assembled with a selection of business people I knew together with an accountant and I began to feel that this could be an interesting weekend after all.

The format of the seminar was very structured and the speakers did a very good job at keeping the momentum going thus avoiding the trap of going off in tangents.

The firs evening introduced the concept of buying and selling stocks inline and the huge benefits to be derived from the low transactions costs.

It also included a number of testimonials from existing members as they outlined the benefits they have derived from gaining this new knowledge.

Testimonials are important, as we humans are basically very skeptical of anything that pushes us outside our comfort zone.

I found the session on Saturday particularly useful as it concentrated on identifying quality companies to invest in together with the ideal price to buy, hold or sell.

I thought that I had a very good knowledge on assessing companies but I discovered after the session that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

We covered how to read technical charts/graphs, to crystallize the decision-making process and we covered the area of market manipulation.

There was a session outlining how the stock market operates with fun trading games which helped us gain invaluable insights on how the market operates and avoiding some of the pitfalls.

I thought the use of excerpts from a motion picture to be very effective.

The seminar concluded on Sunday with covered calls, rolling stocks, stock splits, LEAP's and a brief introduction to call and put options.

I found the seminar to be full of useful information and tips on how the stock market works and how to pick the correct stocks for your portfolio.stock you select regardless of the quality the price is going to fall at some stage and this is where the gift of clam comes in to play. Warren Buffet adopts a buy and hold policy when he invests in a quality company and a wise investor should do the same.

If you want to join one of the TICN Investment Club's and invest IR£55 per month, you can contact Michael Duffy on 061 417040 or Sean Walsh on 087 2533217.

The Club meets once a month and if you do not actively participate in the Club you will be given a red card as each member is asked to research one company each month and share the results with the group.

There are nineteen members to a club and an associate takes up the last place.

If you wish to have a look at the web site go to www.ticn.com.

It might help pass away those long winter nights and extend your circle of friends.

The Investment Club network also hold more advanced seminars for the more serious investor but I have not attended any of these.