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View and listen to our TICN 'Money Talks' Presentation that will give you a good feel for what TICN is all about.

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Country List For UK
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Bristol Bedfordshire Berkshire
Buckinghamshire Cambridgeshire Cheshire
Cornwall Cumberland Derbyshire
Devon Dorset Durham
Essex Gloucerstershire Hampshire
Hertfordshire Huntingdonshire Kent
Lancashire London Middlesex
Norfolk Northamptonshire Northumberland
Nottinghamshire Oxfordshire Rutland
Shropshire Somerset Staffordshire
Suffolk Sussex Warwickshire
Westmoorland Wiltshire Worcestershire
Yorkshire Dorset Scotland
Birmingham Watford Sheffield
Surrey Teesside Wales
Club List For UK
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Club Title Club Location Zone
Doohoma Investment Club Kingsbury UK (Country)
Show Me The Money Wetherby, Leeds UK (Country)
Solos UK UK UK (Country)
Fairy Dust UK UK (Country)
Southwest Trading Club Bristol Bristol (Country)
The Rascals Windsor Berkshire (County)
ATM Investment Club Catworth Cambridgeshire (County)
Aching Heads Durham Durham (County)
Blackwell Darlington Darlington (Town)
Darlington Dealers Darlington TICN (GB) Ltd (Corporate)
The Elite Traders Darlington TICN (GB) Ltd (Corporate)
38 Degrees Investment Group Petersfield Hampshire (County)
Ace of Herts Wheathampsted Hertfordshire (County)
Chiltern St Albans Hertfordshire (County)
Grand Union Hermel Hempstead Hertfordshire (County)
Hitchin Hikers Hitchin Hertfordshire (County)
Abundance Wigan Lancashire (County)
Rhino Club Manchester Lancashire (County)
Dream Chasers Investments Lancashire Lancashire (County)
Bearded Ladies London London (County)
Marx Money None London (County)
Prosperity Club Barking London (County)
Titanium Partnership London London (County)
The FU Fund London London (County)
Kentish Town Investment Club Harrow Town HA1 London (County)
Stock Market Stars Bermonsey London (County)
Midas Touch Harringay London (County)
Alma Investment Club London London (County)
Enfield Enfield London (County)
IBIS London attendees Earls Court London (County)
Chiswick Moran Club London London (County)
FreedomUK London, UK London (County)
IBIS Investment Club London London (County)
MMCP Enfield Apr 2014 London (County)
iMA Success Investment Club London London (County)
Jedi Investment Club London London (County)
London MMCP November 2014 London (County)
New London London London (County)
The Lucky Traders Harrow HA2 Harrow (Harrow on the Hill)
Capital Investment Club 5 Kew Road Richmond (Area)
The Lucky Traders Harrow HA2 Middlesex (County)
Rampage Newcastle Northumberland (County)
Northern Monkeys Money Makers Newcastle Northumberland (County)
Robin Hood Nottinghamshire (County)
Sensatus Brighton Sussex (County)
Kemptown Investment Club Kemptown, Brighton, BN2, UK Sussex (County)
No Club West Sussex Sussex (County)
Turnerdale Investments Whitby Yorkshire (County)
Wild Catz Hull Yorkshire (County)
Freedom Boulevard Trading Rotherham Yorkshire (County)
First Scotland Scotland Scotland (Country)
Freedom7 Scotland Scotland (Country)
The Results Academy Aberdeen Scotland (Country)
Rich Brits Edinburgh Scotland (Country)
Edinburgh Scotland (Country)
No Edinburgh Scotland (Country)
Intelligent Investors Edinburgh Scotland (Country)
Quality Investors Edinburgh Edinburgh Scotland (Country)
Smart Investors Edinburgh Scotland (Country)
Brummiaires Birmingham Birmingham (County)
Leicestershire 25 November MMCP Birmingham (County)
MMCP Rugby Sep2012 Birmingham (County)
Schnorrers Watford Watford (County)
Steal City Traders Sheffield Sheffield (County)
Stockton Gamblers Stockton On Tees Teesside (County)
Ingleby Investors Stockton On Tees Teesside (County)
Middlesbrough Millionaires Middlesbrough Teesside (County)
Welsh Connection Aberystwyth Wales ()
Welsh Dragons Wales ()
Ballard Family Wales ()
2528 Club Wales ()
Lewis Ballard Club Wales ()