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View and listen to our TICN 'Money Talks' Presentation that will give you a good feel for what TICN is all about.

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See photograph of our most recent club meeting in Johannesburg below:

Northern Lights CLub Meeting 38KB.jpg

Chris Elfick CEO TICN South Africa and Owen O'Malley CEO TICN Ltd run the comrades.

Chris,I and the pig.jpgAt the finish line.jpg





Club List For South Africa
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Club Title Club Location Zone
Johannesburg Johannesburg South Africa (Country)
Fido Offshore Johannesburg South Africa (Country)
Wild West Rand Johannesburg South Africa (Country)
Northern Lights Johannesburg South Africa (Country)
Cape of Good Hope Cape Town South Africa (Country)
Natal Sharks Durban South Africa (Country)
PwC Joburg Partners Johannesburg South Africa (Country)