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Event Results for Belgium
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Amy   De Baene +41 79 442 19 79 debaeneamy@yahoo.com
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Club List For Belgium
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Club Title Club Location Zone
Belgium Money Makers Heusden- Zolder Belgium (Country)
First Club Brussels Belgium (Country)
Belfleur Houthalen Belgium (Country)
Muze Hasselt Belgium (Country)
Oxalys Diegem - Brussels Belgium (Country)
Belgian Bulls Wespelaar Belgium (Country)
Carpe Pecuniam Paal Belgium (Country)
LTD Beringen Belgium (Country)
St.-Jan Club Schulen Belgium (Country)
Fiolent Investment Club Boom Belgium (Country)
De Gouden Vleugels Antwerp Belgium (Country)
Les Alpes Volantes Antwerp Belgium (Country)
The Golden Eagles Antwerp Belgium (Country)
The Golden Wings Antwerp Belgium (Country)