The TICN Committment

As TICN is one of the 20 members of each club it is fundamentally in the interest of TICN that each club succeeds. From the first day of formation of the club there is a win / win relationship between the club members and TICN in that long term the overall success of TICN is based upon a solid club performance. If the club members win TICN wins. To that end TICN is committed to the long term support of the clubs. TICN measures club performance on a weekly basis and posts the results on the Club Performance Report at the beginning of each week. This is part of its ongoing policy of benchmarking the clubs to share best practice with its members thus enhancing the performance of all the clubs and its members.

Support for Individual Clubs

Each club has a TICN appointed or a club self appointed Club Co-ordinator who co-ordinates the training of each club member following the TICN 12 Module Education Program.

Each club has an incredible suite of research tools in the TICN TOOLS section of the website which includes:
  • TICN Research Sheet
  • Chat Room
  • Trader's Forum
  • 4,4 Mind Map
  • Valueline
  • Educational Web shops
  • Covered Call Trade Finder
  • Buying In-the-Money Puts Trade Finder
  • Bookstore
  • and a phenomenal Education Centre

Free Retraining and no quibble Money Back Guarantee

Club members can re-attend the tuition modules for free provided they cover their refreshment, course manual and administration costs. TICN also deliver economical and efficient online, interactive revision modules using the educational web shop platform.