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TICN in the Press Irish Independent - 12th February 2008 - HAVE NO FEAR
TICN in the Press What the Press are Saying about TICN 2000-2002
August 17, 2006 Interview with Owen and Chris
June 30, 2006 Interview with Owen O'Malley
February 2, 2007 Interview with Johan Greef
June, 2007 Summer '07 News
July 24, 2007 Interview Dave Brotha
July 6, 2007 Interview with Owen and Chris
May 14, 2007 Beat the pros at their own game
May 14, 2007 Good Club, Bad Club Cover, Good Club, Bad Club Page 1, Good Club, Bad Club Page 2, Good Club, Bad Club Page 3
Summer '05 Summer '05 News
Spring '05 Spring '05 News
June 23, 2004 Stock Market Comes to Westport
March 3rd, 2004 New York’s Wall Street deals come to Westport
February 22nd, 2004 Shares Club Pays Handsome Returns
January 15th, 2004 Da Northsiders Point the Way
August 1st, 2003 Investor Caution Urged Despite Market Recovery
May 9, 2003 Investor Clubs Lose Lustre but Money Hasn't: "Making money never goes out of fashion and although enthusiasm for the market has waned there is still a healthy interest in investment clubs"
February 16, 2003 Play the Markets Without the Amateur Dramatics
February 12, 2003 Clubbing Together to Beat the Market
January 8, 2003 Investor Caution Urged Despite Market Recovery
November 25, 2002 Playing The Stock Market...In Your Living Room
September 29, 2002 Never Get Attached to a Single Share, except IBM
June 9, 2002 Investment Clubs Don't Fear the Bear
June 2, 2002 Club Together to Buy Your Shares
February 24, 2002 Join the Investment Club
February 24, 2002 Investment Club Trading Diary
December 14th, 2001 Making Money is Child's Play with the Proper Know-How
July 1,2001 The Investment Club Network - your chance to delve into the stock market:"Donegal based company experiences rapid growth
October 22, 2000 Irish Can Enjoy Fun of the Market but Share the Risks with Others
May 28, 2000 Do Your Homework Better
May 22, 1999 Getting Rich Quick; Investment clubs made up of like-minded amateurs regularly outperform funds run by professional managers