Recommended Agendas For TICN Meetings

Recommended Agenda For TICN Ireland Club Meetings
00:00 Chairperson calls meeting to order and calls on Club Secretary to read minutes.
00:01 Club Secretary Reads minutes to include the following:
  • Record names of attendees and attendance record to date
  • Report any club communication (internal and external).
  • Report investment decisions taken at the last meeting.
  • 00:05 Treasurer's Report to include the following:
    Bank Balance, confirmation of members payments up to date and any $ transfers.
    00:10 Traders Report to include the following:
  • Exact Broker Account Positions to include companies held, number of shares, price at time of purchase and most up to date price.
  • Cover call income for the month.
        - % Return on investment for the month.
        - % Return on Investment for total investments.
  • Projected number of months left to reach 1M target.
  • What % RoI required per month for remaining months to reach 60 month target?
  • 00:20 Investment proposals to include:
  • All 4,4 companies researched.
  • Telechart review to refine point of entry.
  • Option premiums available.
  • Buy Rally Write options
  • LEAP Prices.
  • 00:40 Trades carried out where possible
    00:45 Club Secretary records voted decisions and reads them out to club members.
    00:50 TICN Associate Report to include the following:
  • Latest TICN Ireland Developments including up to date and complete seminar schedule.
  • Encourage free/cost re-attendance to enhance skills of club members.
  • Confirm attendees/staff for upcoming events and collect payments / deposits.
  • 00:55 All Other Business
    00:59 Chairperson closes meeting confirming the time, date & venue of next meeting.

    General Meeting Agenda
    1. Register attendance and call the meeting to order
      • This establishes that a quorum is present to conduct a business meeting.
    2. Approve previous month's minutes
      • This allows everyone to approve that the last meeting was documented correctly. This isn't the time to debate whether a decision was appropriate; the minutes just report what happened.
    3. 3. Treasurer's report must:
      • Confirm any buys or sells that have occurred since the last meeting, stating the price and total dollar amount.
      • State the portfolio value as of the valuation date, as well as available money in the bank and brokerage account.
      • Distribute the monthly valuation reports.
      • State the club position on the TICN 5 year plan.
    4. Old business
      • This is the opportunity to discuss and resolve unfinished items.
    5. Economic report & Group reports
      • On a monthly rotational basis, someone should be assigned to present a brief economic report covering any major economic news, including the short-term economic outlook.
      • The best TICN 4'4 companies are reported on in depth, together with an explanation of why the group felt it was the best.
    6. Portfolio update
      • Review of the stocks presently held by the club should take place, refreshing the club on the ranges (Buy, Hold, Sell) that were calculated for the stock, as well as the current price, current P/E ratio, and any other recent company news.
    7. Discussion of buy/hold/sell decisions
      • Once the new companies are presented and the current holdings are reviewed, the club should discuss any portfolio changes that the club is going to make.
      • It makes sense to discuss the stocks that will be sold first, so that the club knows the amount available for purchasing stocks.
      • In some situations it may make sense to vote by secret ballot.
    8. Education
      • All members must be dedicated to the club long-term success, and need to address their personal growth in investment training.
    9. 10. Next month meeting
      • Confirm date, time, and place.
    10. Adjourn