The Club Committee

The TICN Associate will provide; guidance with TICN club operations and procedures, help to members on TICN Strategies, if they have attended the seminar that covered that particular technique. Major role is to mentor the club towards the 5-year goal.

The Chairperson appoints committees, oversees all club activities, and presides over all club meetings. The Chairperson will have the power to create and conduct an agenda for all meetings, and may enforce or waive formalities of such an agenda. The Chairperson will have the power to recommend disciplinary action to any Partner who, in the opinion of a member of the club, is considered to have acted contrary to the provisions of the constitution and rules of the club or has displayed negligence in the performance of duties or expectations. The Chairperson will also have the power to BUY and SELL securities in absence of the Treasurer / Vice Treasurer.

The Vice Chairperson will assume the duties of the Chairperson when absent or unable to serve the office. The Vice Chairperson will be responsible for the activities, progress, and reports of all committees that are formed. The Vice Chairperson is also in charge of all educational activities (optional - some clubs form a committee for this).

The Secretary will keep a record of club business and issue a report of all meetings. The Secretary will be responsible for all correspondence pertaining to the club, including the distribution of reports from meetings, officers and committees. Upon notification by the Chairperson or the Treasurer; the Secretary will issue a notice to any Partner regarding any fines or disciplinary action, and include the reason and decision for the action. The Secretary must keep hard copies of all club correspondence.

The Treasurer will keep record of all club financial activities; calculate and distribute valuation statements each month, and any other statistical reports required. The Treasurer will maintain records accounting for the club financial operation; assets; individual account value.
The Treasurer will serve as agent for the Investment Club to place BUY and SELL orders; and will distribute and collect funds. The Treasurer will be responsible for all cash and broker transactions; the collection of dues; and notifying the Secretary of Partners in default of dues.

The Auditors have authority on a quarterly basis to scrutinise the club accounts and report back the findings at the club meetings.

The Traders are appointed at the meetings to place investment trades on behalf of the club.

The Librarian will keep an updated log of all companies evaluated by the club. The librarian is responsible for issuing and distributing stock evaluation to the each research group.