Suggested Procedure For Setting Up A Club

Club Brain Storming

  • Club name.
  • Club logo.
  • Club mission statement.

Appoint Leaders

  • Chairperson & Vice Chairperson.
  • Treasurer & Vice Treasurer.
  • Secretary & Vice Secretary.
  • Traders, Auditors, Librarian, Researcher, Teachers, Motivators.

Opening Investment Club Bank Account

  • Open club bank account.
  • Individual club members need to fill out the investment club standing order.
Opening US Club Brokerage Account
  • Open US brokerage account for club.
  • Individual tax exemption form to be completed.

Investment Club Regulations

  • Agree and sign the clubs constitution & rules.
  • Implication for club and members.

Benefits & Future of TICN(c) Investment Club Support

  • Newsletter.
  • Website (members have access to live chatroom & forum area).
  • Training - continuous development of new investment strategies.
  • Use of all TICN copyright material including mindmap and software.
  • Networking with other TICN members and clubs.
  • Access to investment information sources at preferential rates.
  • Free accounting software from TICN.

Follow Through

  • Set financial goals for the club - 6mth, 12mths, etc...
  • Agree on monthly subscription for investing and running of club.
  • Agree on a joining fee (to cover initial start up costs).