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Once you become a TICN member online you will have access to:
  1. TICN Member's Area which includes
    • The TICN Research Sheet
    • The unique TICN 4x4 filter system to select quality growth shares
    • The TICN members reference manual.
    • The unique TICN weekly support webshops.
    • The TICN 4'4 Mind Map
    • Access to Valueline information on ~ 8,000 companies and 80,000 options
    • TICN Educational FREE Webshops
    • Covered Call Trader Finder
    • Buying In-The-Money Puts Trade Finder
    • Discounted books from the TICN bookstore
  2. TICN Club Co-ordinator

  3. Each club has a club co-ordinator who supports the club and club members during the early start up days and this individual is focused on developing and empowering the individual members as well as the club to become successful in the stock market. The experienced Club Coordinator under goes continual quarterly training to add experience and value back into the club. TICN is committed to bring the best investors and trainers in the World to the Co-ordinators in order to bring that worldwide experience back to the clubs. Click here to check out a few of our educators.
  4. A disciplined, structured, proven club success system with a proven track record over time. Check out our club performance data.
  5. The potential to purchase investment $$'s wholesale instead of retail as well as accessing more efficient electronic wire transfer costs.
  6. Continual weekly benchmarking of clubs on the web with the sharing of best practice.
  7. Online educational seminars for stay at home investment education.
  8. Thousands of dollars worth of research information per annum negotiated down to a fraction per person per annum as a TICN club member.
  9. TICN is a company who is committed to the success of the clubs as well as the individual member, as enshrined in their mission statement:

  10. "Creating a supportive environment of investment clubs and empowering individuals to become abundantly wealthy."

    and much much more.

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