The TICN Difference

In TICN we believe our members and those who attend our seminars can best achieve their goals by learning for themselves how the markets operate and how prices on the various exchanges move. Our members use the knowledge they have learned and the patented software we provide to anticipate price movements of companies with a stock market capitalisation on any of the world's leading stockmarkets - the NYSE - New York Stock Exchange,Nasdaq, and the CBOE.(Chicago Board of Options Exchange). We give them the tools and information they need to help them achieve that level of understanding and insight.

It is only when you comprehend how things happen and are able to act on that knowledge yourself that you can make prudent investment decisions that are right for you and your investment portfolio.

TICN is different in that it allows the investor the freedom to choose his/her own investments according to their needs. TICN does not as a matter of policy recommend particular stocks, options, or securities of any kind. Ultimately all decisions are made by you putting you in the driving seat.

TICN are so confident that you will enjoy and appreciate the value of our seminars that we offer a unique money back guarantee to any participant not fully satisfied with them ! Now there's a difference.

The stock market by its very nature is a highly speculative arena and consequently there is a risk of loss inherent in all trading and investment. The Investment Club Network do not guarantee any results or investment returns based on the information you receive.

What we do is ensure all of our participants and investment club members have the information and skills necessary to create and manage a well balanced portfolio of investment stocks.

With our help and your enthusiasm, drive and ambition you can make investment decisions wisely and knowledgably. Our aim is to outperform the stockmarket month on month thereby giving you-our member-real value for money, real increases in asset values and real satisfaction into the future.