Welcome To The Investment Club Network

The Investment Club Network -TICN - provides education, coaching and support and organise educational seminars to help people and business owners to understand the world of investment-shares, options, securities and equities. We help you understand how their prices move, what factors affect them and by what mechanisms the markets reflect these changes.

Our seminars teach you how to invest wisely and trade online, sensibly and profitably. In addition TICN provides an infrastructure (web site, webinars, manuals, advanced seminars, ongoing coaching and information) to help you increase your investment skills and knowledge and establish your own share/stock owning clubs that become part of The Investment Club Network.

Our aim is to outperform the stockmarket month on month thereby giving our members real value for money, real increases in asset values and real satisfaction. To accomplish this we combine our proven instruction technique with your enthusiasm, drive and ambition. All of this coupled with TICN's unique 100% money back guarantee.

So whether you wish to learn how the stock market operates, trade online yourself, become an accomplished 'Self Investor' or become a member of one of our ever expanding number of clubs TICN can deliver this to you.