What We Do

TICN teaches proven investment strategies in a manner that fits their mission statement:

"Creating a supportive environment of investment clubs and empowering individuals to become abundantly wealthy"

TICN flagship seminar 'Making Money With Careful Planning' is delivered during a 20 hour weekend session or 4 x 4 hour evening Modules (see below). TICN then provides a service to help each member to join a TICN associated investment club or to help form a new club within their local geographic locations. TICN will then provide members with on-going support in the following ways:

  • Website - The TICN TOOLS club members area of the website hosts a very powerful suite of research tools that are live and interactive to support new inexperienced as well as seasoned investors. Some of these research resources are unique and specific to the proven systems that TICN teach and that the members use. To view our weekly updated club performance table, follow this link: Club Performance Report.

  • Seminars - there are a number of different events that TICN offer, they cater for novice investors to those who wish to trade for a living, using vehicles like options. For more information why not visit our Seminars page.

  • TICN Club Co-ordinators - these are a growing band of individuals, whose very nature is to help others. These individuals have been highly trained in the investment strategies that TICN teach and support. The most important quality that these club co-ordinators possess is that they use the strategies successfully for themselves. Our club co-ordinators are responsible for supporting clubs in their area and in this way, clubs and club members get some highly focused support attention. TICN Club members gain first level support from a TICN club co-ordinator whose primary role is to assist in the training, development and empowering of the club members in the skills necessary to succeed in the stock market.

  • Club formation - in the formative days of a club, we will help the club get started by helping with formalities such as constitution and rules, how to open brokerage accounts, appointing officers etc. This is normally done either at our weekend financial seminar, or through a club visit. Why not visit our Club Setup Page.

  • Special offers - Find powerful investment research and trading tools in TICN TOOLS, such as charting services, books, trade finders etc.

  • TICN telephone support - Each club has a TICN club co-odinator, who will provide initial support and is able to attend a few of the meetings.

See our online education modules here